Announcements About the 2020-2021 School Year

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk made announcements about the 2020-2021 school year during a press conference held at the Ministry of National Education.

Pointing out that teachers started every class by looking straight at the eyes of each student and called on everybody to take responsibility to allow teachers to look in the eye of their students and assist the Ministry to open schools, Minister Selçuk stressed, “We will open schools together and we want to share this responsibility.”

Minister Selçuk explained that the Ministry has been thoroughly working in order to arrange classrooms according to social distance rules, organize disinfection of schools, procure masks and fulfill physical and social requirements for the safe opening of schools and completed preparations and standards. He stated that the Ministry took decisions concerning 2020-2021 academic year as a result of its consultations with the Ministry of Health and Science Board under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Noting that the new academic year will begin as “gradual and reduced” face to face education upon the recommendation of the Science Board, Minister Selçuk said, “Schools will begin on August 31 as distance education and “gradual and reduced” face to face education. Of course, private schools can begin distance education on August 17. Students who are not able to get face to face education will continue to follow their classes from distance education. Tools for distance education are EBA television channels, live classes with their own teachers and EBA internet education materials.”

Minister Selçuk stressed that the Minitry will continue to support students with remedial training materials and health status of all people related to schools varying from students to teachers, from assistant personnel at schools to school bus drivers will be monitored by using HES codes.

Minister Selçuk stressed that this code will allow them to keep track of people who are diagnosed or whose family members are diagnosed with the virus and take measures accordingly.

Reminding that standards concerning hygiene rules in school gardens, building entrances as well as masks and other rules were mentioned as a part of control guidelines, Selçuk said the Ministry has prepared booklets for both students and teachers within this context.

Ziya Selçuk stated that standards concerning breaks and similar situations were also mentioned in the guidelines and these will be shared with students, parents and teachers in detail. Noting that masks at schools will be provided by the Ministry, Minister Selçuk said that they have been cooperating with other state offices and agencies for the development of further hygiene rules for schools and currently 2 thousand auditors are carrying out standard auditions in every school.

Minister Selçuk stated that the first week of new academic year will be special orientation adding that, “In other words, teachers will help students to get used to new rules and standards at schools during the first week of the new school year.”

“Increase in the number of personnel”

Underlining that the Ministry swiftly continues to employ new cleaning and security personnel in order to maintain hygiene standards at schools, Selçuk said the Ministry increased the number of such personnel due to the pandemic. Ziya Selçuk announced that he will organize a meeting with provincial directors of national education this week in order to make required plans about financial and technical support for every school in the country.

Selçuk stated that the Ministry has examined every city of the country according to their situation and the Ministry bureaucrats in groups will conduct risk analysis in various different cities and they will use these for drawing a road map.   

“I would like congratulate the new school year of all my students and teachers and wish to meet them at schools. I also call on every single person of our society to assume responsibility in our country’s fight against the pandemic,” Selçuk said.

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