Work Permit for Foreign Students

According to the New Law on the İnternational Labor Force, foreign students who are enrolled in formal graduate programs as Master’s or Ph.D program  in a higher education institution in Turkey are able to work and apply for work permit.

However, foreign students who are enrolled in associate degree or undergraduate programs can not apply for work permit.

Work permits granted to the foreign students do not terminate the valid student residence permit and the rights granted by this residence permit. Procedures and principles regarding the employment of foreign students are determined by the Ministry by taking the opinions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and by taking into consideration the principles determined by the Immigration Policies Committee.

In the event that the foreigners who completed their higher education in Turkey apply for a work permit within one year as of their graduation date, the application shall be evaluated in accordance with the principles determined by the International Labour Policy Advisory Board.


Important: Please be informed that foreign students who granted state scholarship in Turkey during the Bachelor degree are not able to get work permit after the graduation even if their type of residence permit has been changed to the short-term residence permit.

Foreign Student Work Permit Terms

  1. In the process of applying for a work permit for foreign students, it is imperative that the residence permit continues.
  2. In order for international students to obtain a work permit, students must be over 18 years of age and receive master’s, master’s or doctorate studies at a higher education institution in Turkey..
  3. There are no restrictions on the working time or start-up of graduate and doctoral students studying in Turkey. The working conditions of graduate and doctoral students are in the same scope as other foreign nationals.
  4. Graduate or PhD students can work at the institutes where they are studying without time, occupation or job space limitations.
  5. Students who have come to Turkey with student exchange programs do not need to obtain a work permit so that they can train in private or public institutions and private institutions. Students who are paid or free internships should obtain a residence permit in order to work in Turkey.
  6. Students who come to Turkey through a student exchange program must obtain a work permit in order to be able to complete an internship, provide professional experience or economic income at any workplace, except for mandatory applications for internships. In these conditions, foreign students who will undergo internships may be employed / insured.


Required documents for foreign students to work in Turkey:

  1. Students who have completed their education in Turkey and are applying for a work permit must apply for a work permit through private or public companies.
  2. In order to apply for a work permit, an application must be made to the Turkey Ministry of Labour.
  3. In the case of incomplete or incorrect documentation of students applying for a work permit, the process of obtaining a permit can take months.