Foreign Student Health Insurance:

For the new upstarting students and the students who are still continue in the education process system associate degree, bachelor, master and PhD students, residence permit is given for 1,2 or 4 years according to the student certificate given by the university. According to the same residence document, the health insurance is met by the university or any private health insurance company.

First option is the general health insurance, the health treatment for the foreign students which has the general health insurance is either by the university’s hospital or with contractual hospitals.

Second option the privet health insurance the health treatment for students in several hospitals that contracted with the insurance company.

Medical insurance allows you to buy your medicine by paying 20% of the total amount prescribed by the doctor. There are many state and private hospitals in Turkey. The cost that you are going to pay depends on the pricing policy of each hospital. Some of the hospitals wok under complete agreements with SGK insurance and some of them require extra costs which are not covered by the SGK insurance.

The International Office of the schools you attend can help you in setting up the process.

Besides, private policies can be bought from banks or from specialised insurance offices. You may arrange your private health insurance through the following insurance companies. The main insurance companies have branches in all the big towns.