Important decision from meb! New plan on schools education

MEB has made an important decision for millions of students. As part of the pandemic bans, a new exam plan has been set by January 5 following the decision on distance learning. Although schools are not reopening, formulas such as face-to-face exams with a diluted calendar and diluted class, asking questions from the first semester at LGS and YKS, are becoming increasingly popular. MEB is also working on school opening scenarios. They say the decision to close schools by January 25 outweighs. In other words, the first term may end on January 25. However, there are rumors that this period may be extended and schools may not open at the beginning of the second semester, as severe February and March are dangerous due to diseases and colds. Despite all this, if measures are taken and the necessary conditions are met, schools can be opened. And, of course, all this can vary depending on the course of the epidemic.

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