Many university programs have an internship requirement to be fulfilled either during a summer term or winter break. Compulsory internships are increasingly being added as part of the curriculum for many programs. Therefore, universities and colleges actively seek closer ties with leading businesses and firms across sectors to help facilitate their students’ internship placement. The academic requirements of the student and needs of the company are factored when assigning an internship. Although the internship itself usually lasts 2 months, the process of internship placement can sometimes take up to six months

During the internship, students participate in the day-to-day operations and work projects of the company or factory and have the task of finding solutions for problems they confront. Students thus gain valuable insights into specific operations of a company, its structure and the general business climate. At the end of the internship, students submit project reports to the faculty and share experiences with professors and students.

Some foundation universities have created an internship office, specifically dedicated to helping place students in internships. These offices contact various companies to learn about their internship needs and reach agreements with international institutions.

Optional Practical Experience

In today’s world, companies require a highly skilled workforce able to meet new demands stemming from advances in technology and shifts in economic and market conditions. As a result, new graduates often have difficulties in securing employment directly after graduation. In order to increase their employability, a growing number of students search for internships on their own initiative. Such students understand that they must start developing their academic and personal skills from the very first day of their studies to remain competitive. Luckily, talented students are always a welcomed sight in the intern offices of many companies.

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