Ataturk Library in Istanbul

Atatürk Library opened as the Municipal Museum and Library on July 10, 193, when it could not fit into the madrasa building due to thousands of books donated in a very short time, library was moved to its current building on Taksim Mete Street on March 3, 1981.

The library, which has about 500,000 book banks, is used by many citizens, regardless of their level of education. To prevent loss of originals, most books have been digitized. It holds over 50,000 manuscripts, postcards, atlases and unique works of art such as maps.

Location: Miralay Şefik Bey Sok. No: 6 Taksim, Beyoğlu – Istanbul

Working Hours: 09:00-17:30 Working Days: Monday-Friday


National Library of Turkey in Ankara

The National Library of Turkey, established in the Çankaya district of the city Ankara was established on April 15, 1946 under the Ministry of Education through the Directorate of Publications. The library initially had 8,000 printed works, but within the first year it had outgrown its original building, and in order to make the collection available to the public it moved to a temporary building on April 17, 1947. Soon the archive’s size reached 60,000. It officially started to serve the users on August 16, 1948. The building is now used as the Ankara Provincial Public Library.The National Library gained a separate legal entity independent from the Ministry of National Education through a law adopted by the Grand National Assembly on March 23, 1950. Nine days later, the law came into force and was published on the T.C. Resmi Gazete. After some time, due to lack of space, it was moved to Bahchelievler, Ankara.

Location: Bahçelievler Last Stop 06490 Çankaya /Ankara

Monday to Fridays Working Hours:  09.00-00.00                                                                                                                                                                                                Saturday to Sunday Working Hours: 09.30-22.00



Izmir National Library of Turkey

Izmir National Library has been serving its readers with the same name since 1912.  The library, whose official website shared data in 2009, has 910,000 books in that year.

Location: National Library Street No:39 Konak / Izmir

Monday to Fridays Working Hours:  09.00-17.00

The library, which was established to compile and protect unique works scattered across the country, has 152 separate collections. The library, which includes existing works in sultan’s libraries such as Hagia Sophia and Laleli, also offers e-book service to its readers. Manuscripts, many of which have only one copy of the world and receive gifts to sultans, are also kept by the library.

Location:  Suleymaniye Neighborhood, Kanuni Madrasah Sk. No:24, 34116 Fatih / Istanbul

Monday to Fridays Working Hours:  08.30 – 23.00


Salt Galata Library in Istanbul

The library building was built as an Ottoman Bank and used as a bank for many years. At the entrance of the building, his readers said, “Everything you take from friends is out of fate. But you will always have wealth for what you have given.” Entries are both free and do not require any registration. It’s a historic place where you can even go in and out for a photo. There is a bank vault structure in the middle of the hall. Historical documents are displayed inside the vault.

Salt Galata is actually a sub-arm of Salt Research. Salt Research offers a service free of charge to digital lyify more than 1,700,000 works from its site. The third floor of this recently restored and recently very popular venue has been arranged in the form of archives. We think that one of the reasons the place is preferred is because the décor can be changed as you wish. You can pull your table, your seat in any direction.

Location:  Arap Cami Neighborhood, Bankalar Street. No:11, 34420 Beyoglu/Istanbul

Monday to Fridays Working Hours:  12.00-20.00

Saturday to Sunday Working Hours: 12.00-20.00