Turkey is a country that combines the cultures of Europe and Asia as a way of life, which remains hospitable, rich in art, music and theater with various fields. College students spend their free time in cinemas, parks, beaches, courses or entertainment areas. Cities that attract the attention of many foreign tourists every year, such as Istanbul or Antalya, are rich in culture, suitable for byutzhetny students.


The Land of Legends, Antalya

Ticket per person : 200 TL

Link: https://thelandoflegendsthemepark.com/temapark/adventure-park/hyper-coaster

Ayasofya (Saint Sophia Museum) Istanbul

Called Hagia Sophia in Greek, Sancta Sophia in Latin, Ayasofya in Turkish, it was built in 537 AD on the site of Byzantium‘s acropolis (map) by Emperor Justinian (527-65 AD).

Ayasofya was the greatest church in Christendom, and was meant to be. According to Prof. Robert Osterhout, it was built to surpass the gigantic Church of St Polyeuchtoserected by Julia Anitzia, scion of the line of Theodosian emperors.



Ticket per person : 100 TL

Holifest- Ankara,Istanbul,Izmir

Holifest began with India, but now this colorful tradition came to Turkey.

Holifest olso knowen as home the land of India was also popular and attracted, attention  of young people. Courently holifest turkey Ankara,Izmir in big cities like Istanbul are held every year.


Ticket per person: 56.50 TL

Link: https://www.biletix.com/etkinlik/RKFH0/IZMIR/tr#