Public Dormitories

The dormitories in Turkey are mostly state-run (Yurt-Kur) but there are also private dormitories and some non-profit foundations’ dorms. In addition to these, some universities have their own residences.

1. Students who qualify for education by the Turkey Scholarship Program can stay at public dormitories during the educations.

2. As a result of the Memorandum with the Higher Education Council of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Higher Education of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, scholarship students can be accommodated in goverment dormitories in Turkey.


International students who can stay at public dormitories other of international students with scholarships:

  1. Government student dormitories are provided for scholarship students from Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  2. Students under the Mevlana exchange program are eligible to be accommodated in dormitories of a state institution of higher education.
  3. The process of accommodation in dormitories for foreign students coming to study in Turkey is carried out under quotas.


Dormitory Features

– The cost of government dormitory is moderate and affordable for all students ranging from 200Tl to 350 TL per month. In addition, the monthly standard fees of specially qualified dormitories is between 215-340 TL. Northern Cyprus is the Republic of Turkey abroad with a monthly fees is 400 TL.

– Symbolic meals (breakfast 4,50 lira and lunch 14 lira), but some question the quality of food in government student dormitory.

– Free internet access to work in all government student residences.

– Cleaning and laundry service in private laundries for free.

– Providing psychological and social support services to students from specialists.

– The possibility of hosting for 10 days in any other government student dormitory.


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