Student Registration Process


Students of foreign nationals who wish to study at university in Turkey must first complete the requested documents and submit them to the relevant authorities. Foreign students who want to study at university are asked for the following documents.


*Student Admission Form– Each university has its own acceptance form and must be delivered in full.


*High School or Equivalent School Diploma-High School diploma; must approved by Turkish Foreign      Representations or notary and must translated to Turkish language.


*Transcript or note of high school lessons where graduate: The transcript must also be approved and translated into Turkish language by the school or by notary and external representatives.

* Financial position from bank account


Registration Fees – These required documents for university registration, must be submitted to the relevant departments of the university until the deadline specified in the academic calendar. Registration operations cannot be made in problems such as paperwork delay or missing paperwork.

In order for foreign students to study at university in Turkey, they must take language proficiency exams and get the proficiency score the university wants. Students who do not receive the necessary points in language proficiency examinations receive language preparation training for one (1) year. After these trainings, students who provide language proficiency are entitled to take part courses in university programs.

*University entrance examinations in Turkey for foreign students– Since 2011, there has been a change in the university exam systems of foreign students in Turkey. until 2011 the foreign student exam was conducted once a year and by the central system. Today, every university take exam for foreign student (YÖS). The foreign student examinations of the university of choice are shared in detail through the official website of universities. Students can easily access all information, such as exam dates, base scores and what to do for the exam.