SAMSUN International Student Association

Samsun International Student Association is an international student association established with the aim of providing education and guidance services to students who come from abroad to study in Samsun.

Samsun International Student Association, which started with the slogan “We are a Nation”, organizes educational activities and social activities for the students that we accept as visiting students with the reference we receive from our background, which is considered as an international student. In this way, thousands of students from different geographies are given the consciousness that they are members of the same nation.

Samsun International Student Association is an international non-governmental organization that works to provide the best service to visiting students from all over the world for education without discrimination in color, language, religion, race, sect, region.

Our activities come to life with the help of our people. Some of our activities are carried out with the support of non-governmental organizations and municipalities.

Samsun International Student Association is also a member of UDEF (International Federation of Student Associations), consisting of associations that work as guest students in various cities of Turkey.

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