5 “Would You Rather” Questions That Are Hard For Anyone Who Is Still Crying Over These TV Deaths

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    First, would you rather save Marshall’s dad or Tracy aka The Mother from How I Met Your Mother?

    • Marshall’s Dad
    • Tracy aka mother
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    Would you rather bring back Lexie Grey or Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy?

    • Lexie Grey
    • Derek Shepherd
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    And, would you rather save George O’Malley or Mark Sloan from Grey’s Anatomy?

    • George O’Malley
    • Mark Sloan
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    Would you rather save Lexa or Lincoln from The 100?

    • Lexa
    • Lincoln
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    Would you rather bring back Haley Hotchner or Maeve Donovan from Criminal Minds?

    • Haley Hotchner
    • Maeve Donovan

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