Are You Ready For New Years’s Eve?

Test yourself with our quizz of the world’s weirdest, most wpnderful NYE traditions.

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    What is Scotland’s famous New Year tradition called?

    • Hogmanay
    • Pygmalion
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    Okay, we know that one was too easy, but what traditional fruit cake is often given out at Hogmanay?

    • Black Bun
    • Red Roll
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    3) How many grapes do Spaniards (rather riskily) try to swallow at each stroke of midnight to bring good luck for the coming year?

    • 12
    • 1
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    What can you expect friends and family to smash against your door on New Year’s Eve in Denmark?

    • Old Plates
    • Crispbread
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    What is traditionally tossed into rivers at New Year in Romania?

    • Rice
    • Coins
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    Wearing what colour underwear at New Year in Colombia will assure you wealth and good fortune in the coming year?

    • White
    • Yellow
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    Where would eating pig’s trotters and lentils be considered a good omen for the coming year?

    • Italy
    • France

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