Quiz: Trivia challenge

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    How was Michelangelo’s David protected from airborne raids during World War II?

    • It was encased in bricks
    • It was buried underground
    • It was locked in a bank vault
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    At the time of the French Revolution, what was the Bastille?

    • A military base
    • A hospital
    • A prison
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    Mother Theresa was associated with which Indian city?

    • Jaipur
    • Kolkata
    • New Delphi
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    Which of these means an ideal community for its citizens?

    • Dystopia
    • Cornucopia
    • Utopia
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    An autodidact is …

    • Self-taught
    • Self-confident
    • Self-centred
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    What is Barbie’s surname?

    • Richmond
    • Roberts
    • Rogers

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Quiz: Trivia Challenge 2