Summer Language Courses



ithin the scope of Turkish Summer School program, universities and institutes invites hundreds of students from tens of countries each year to learn Turkish Language in Turkey and to get to know Turkey better.

Usually there are several selected courses that could be of special interest to international students. Among many, such courses would be taken in summer schools:

     International TradeHistory of Modernity in Middle East
     Brand ManagementEconomic and Social History of Modern Turkey
     Critical ThinkingIssues in Turkish Foreign Policy
     Exploring the CosmosCultural and Social Aspects of Ottoman Istanbul
     Politics and Society in the Middle EastContemporary World Economy
     Contemporary Issues in TurkeyGlobal Climate Change
     History of ScienceSocial Ecology
     Anatolian CivilizationsAnatolian Art and Cultures
     Principles of ManagementThe New Turkish Cinema
     Airline ManagementHistory of the Modern Middle East
     Tourism Safety and Security Management 

Required Documents for Application:

  • Completed Application Form (Personal and academic information and course  requests are filled in, and photo of the student is sealed in this form)
  • Transcript of Grades (Students enrolled in other universities should receive transcript from their universities. Graduate students should receive transcript from the universities they have been graduated.)
  • Student certificate or a copy of diploma (Students graduated from other universities should add the document regarding their graduation from the university or should add notarized photocopies of their diplomas.)
  • English Exam Score Report (The document certifying that the student has passed one of the national or international foreign language examinations at a level determined by the university or an official document indicating the program’s education language prepared by the Student Affairs Office of the university in which the applicant is enrolled)
  • Two recent passport photographs
  • Bank receipt (The bank receipt showing the payment of the application fee for international students)

Note: All applicants should fill in the application form which is available at the websites of universities.