Basic Ankara public transit fares are:

Municipal buses in Ankara are also open from 05.30 to 00: 00.

Fee for the first landing on the Ankara card: 3.25 TL-student 1.75 TL

Transfer and boarding fees: 1.60 TL-student 0.75 TL

Single boarding pass: 4 TL

You can check the bus lines and departure times on the EGO website. (Linking

Basic Istanbul public transit fares are:

If you were to buy 1-ride cards for each ride, you would be looking at a cost of approximately 5.00 TRY (€0.90 / $1.05 USD) per ride per person. Instead of that, you can purchase the Istanbulkart from the yellow machines located in all stations of the public transportation system, except the bus station. With the Istanbulkart your per person per ride cost will be as follows:

City bus, Metro, tram, funicular, Tünel, ferry:  5.00 TL

One-pass card: 5 TL

Two-pass card: 8 TL

İstanbulkart first boarding fees: 2,60 TL – Student: 1,25 TL

Transfer fees : 1,85 TL, Student: 0,55 TL

 Monthly Blue Card fees: Full: 205 TL, Student: 85 TL

You can check the IETT website for detailed information. (Linking

Nostalgic İstiklal Caddesi Tram

In 19th-century Pera (Beyoğlu), a traditional tram trundled along the Grande Rue de Pera (İstiklal Caddesi) for 1.64 km (1 mile) connecting Taksim Square with Galatasaray and Tünel Square (map).

The tram was taken out of service in 1961, replaced by buses.

After İstiklal Caddesi became a pedestrian zone, the tram was restored and revived in 1990.