UDEF comes from a 15-year long journey. Exactly 15 years ago, UDEF began workings with guest students in Turkey. UDEF as an umbrella organization has, 68 international student associations in 21 provinces in 75 cities in our country with a cooperation activities with 55 thousand guest student.Our contact with thousands of people through our dozens partner institutions overseas has made us a great organization.

The number of students reached by UDEF associations exceeds 55 thousand. UDEF in order to give the guest students living in Turkey the same atmosphere like their living in thier homeland; has developed a warm and large family atmosphere through activities such as guidance and consultancy services, introduction meetings, country gatherings, academic meetings, volunteering country representatives meetings, student house and dormitory visits and host family visits are organised for the confort of the guest students. Associations within UDEF; in addition to the social, cultural and educational activities, the needs of these international students in terms of residence permits, scholarships, accommodation needs, guidance and consultancy services as well as their bureaucratic problems are attended to. In addition to the coordination and support of UDEF and affiliated associations, International Student gatherings, International Student Symposium, International Distinguished Students Camp, Turkey My Country program, International Students Short film compitition, story and poetry competition programmes are for the guest student to strenghten the image of non-governmental organisations.


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UDEF Most Popular Activities is:

• International Student Meeting

• International Student Symposium

• My Country Turkey Contest

• International Students Training and Brotherhood Camp

• Academic studies

• Consultation Meetings

• Regional and Regional Meetings

• Executive Board Meetings