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YÖS is an examination taken by international students who wish to study Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree at Higher Education Institutions in Turkey. The results obtained from this exam can be used to apply for the quotas allocated by Higher Education Institutes for international students. This examination was conducted by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) till 2010. The Examination for International Students has been started to be conducted by Universities in Turkey by a decision taken in 2011. 

  • Medicine (Turkish/ English)
  • Dentistry
  • Business Administration
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Architecture
  • History
  • Engineer
  • Literature

Who is accepted as an International student in Turkey?

Provided that the candidates are in the final year of high school or graduates; Applications of follow requirements will be accepted.

1) Those who are of foreign nationality,

2) Those who were Turkish citizens at birth but received permission of expatriation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs,

3) Those of dual citizenship who were of foreign citizenship at birth but later adopted Turkish Republic citizenship,

4) Those who were born in Turkey and hold Turkish citizenship but completed their secondary education abroad,


  1. a) Among those students of Turkish Republic citizenship who continued their secondaryeducation in foreign countries before 1st of February 2013, the ones who have completed the last three years of secondary education (high school) in a foreign country except for TRNC*(including those who have completed all of their secondary (high school) education in Turkish schools established within the scope of MNEin foreign countries other than TRNC)
  2. b) Among those candidates who have started their secondary education in a foreign country after 1st of February 2013, the ones who have completed all of their secondary (high school) education in a foreign country except TRNC (including those who have completed all of their secondary (high school) education in Turkish schools established within MNEin foreign countries other than TRNC) to the foreign acceptance quotas,

6) Those with TRNC citizenship reside in TRNC and have completed their secondary education there and have the score of GCE-AL and those who enrolled colleges and high schools in other countries and have the score of GCE-AL or will have the score of GCE-AL.

Students wishing to apply for YÖS exams must complete the application step by step on the university page:

  1. Apply to universities.
  2. Pay the registration fee.
  3. Wait for the approval of your candidacy from the university.
  4. An examination certificate will be sent to your email.
  5. The examination document shall indicate the place – date and number of the candidate.
  1. Online application
  2. Creation of an e-mail account for application
  3. Carrying out pre-registration process at University YÖS Application web page
  4. After pre-registration, signing in the system via e-mail adress and password
  5. Continuing registration by choosing exam center and exam language on Exam selection Screen
  6. Execution of payment transaction (by credit card/money order) Not: Range fees of YÖS exam is 30$-150$.
  7. Uploading the receipt of payment into the system if the payment was made by money order.
  8. After the registration is done, printing out the examination entrance document by clicking on examination entrance document button on the announced dates.
  9. For detailed information about preference and registration process you can follow university yös application procedures example.
  10. For preference process the applicants are supposed to sign in university yös application system T.R Identity No/ Passport No/ Syrian Temporary Identity No and fill in the required information completely and correctly. After the required information is filled in, the preference process is carried out. The applicants are supposed to upload the necessary documents into the system to complete the application.
  11. After the application procedure is completed, the list of principal applicants will be announced at university web page.
  12. Registration process; The applicant must complete the registration process by applying to University Student Affairs Office or to International Student Office in person between the dates specified in 2020-2021 Academic Year University calendar. The applicants who do not register on the stated dates cannot claim any rights. For necessary documents and for exact registration you must contacted with university registration office.
  13. In order to start studying at university, the applicants are required to submit a document stating that they have Turkish proficiency at minimum B1 level.

The list of the applicants whose applications are confirmed and the exam halls they will take the exam will be announced on the University YÖS web page. As of this date, applicants can print their Exam Entrance Document from university web page. The applicants who do not have Exam Entrance Document cannot take the exam.

  • Applicants must have their passports and Exam Entrance Documents with them on the exam day.
  • The applicants are not allowed to bring mobile phones and calculators. The applicants will be admitted to the exam halls following ID check. The exam will be held in one session. Applicants should be ready in front of the building of their exam hall at least one hour before the exam.

Scope of Questions

  • YÖS, Test of Basic Learning Skills will be: basic Learning Skills is composed of 80 questions, of 35 are maths questions and 45 the questions which aim to test the applicants’ abstract thinking power.
  • This test has very little language basis, together with this the questions have Turkish, English, Arabic, French, German and Russian explanations.

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