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Turkey Universities

  • Equivalence Diploma Application Form
  • Passport
  • Student Visa
  • Original Diploma
  • Transcripts (must cover ALL high school years according to Turkish Ministry of Education regulations and must be stamped by Ministry of Education / Foreign Affairs or by the High school (fresh stamp, not photocopy). This is mandatory for the obtention of the Diploma Equivalence certificate)
  • For Apostille Convention Signatory countries (see list here): your high school diploma and transcripts must be apostilled (mandatory according to Turkish Ministry of Education regulations). For countries who are not Apostille Convention Signatories (see list here): your high school diploma and transcripts must be aproved/stamped by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign affairs or other relevant institution in your country)

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Faculty of Engineering
Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology (MSc)
Industrial Engineering (MSc & PhD)
Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering (PhD)
Electrical & Computer Engineering (MSc & PhD)
Sustainable Urban Infrastructure Engineering (MSc)
Faculty of Life and Natural Sciences
Bioengineering (MSc & PhD)
Faculty of Architecture
Architecture (MSc & PhD)
Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
Data Science for Business and Economics (MSc)

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Application and Registration Dates
(1) Application Deadline: December 7, 2020 – August 6, 2021 (12:00 pm Turkey time)
(2) Registration Date: It will be announced later.

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International students (Undergraduate and Graduate) are to obtain their student visas in order to study in Turkey before they come to Turkey. Students should apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate in their native country with their “Letters of Acceptance” issued by AGU. There, they can also obtain the latest information about visa procedures and the required documents.

The student visa is required in order for students to apply for a residence permit in Turkey. Here are the some important issues;

  • You must obtain your student visa before coming to Turkey.
  • The visa is stamped in the passport.
  • The Registrar’s Office of the Abdullah Gül University (AGU) sends the Letters of Acceptance.
  • Your local Turkish Consulate may require additional documents (in addition to passport and letter of acceptance).
  • A fee is usually charged for the issuing of a student visa.

It is mandatory for all students, wishing to study in Turkey, to have health insurance coverage during the full duration of their studies. Valid Health Insurance is REQUIRED in order to apply for a Turkish Residence Permit (Residence Permit application process).


Students accepted to AGU will therefore need to subscribe to a private insurance covering your health for, at least, the first 4 months of their stay in Turkey (Usually companies offer yearly contracts).
This health insurance should be valid in Turkey. They can either subscribe to an international company that has a branch in Turkey (mandatory), or directly sign a contract with a Turkish Private health insurance company during the first few days of their stay (most AGU students choose this option as it is the safest and most effective regarding the completion of the Residence Permit application)
If you have difficulties finding such insurance, you can ask the AGU International Office for assistance (intoffice@agu.edu.tr).


After 2-3 months following their arrival to AGU, accepted AGU students will obtain their residence permit card. They will then have 2 options regarding their health insurance coverage:

  1. Either continue subscribing to private health insurance companies until the end of their studies
  2. Or switch to the Turkish State General Health Insurance at the SGK. This option is more costly but generally offers a better health insurance package. The General Health Insurance at the SGK costs around 1100-1500TL/year** to be paid at once at the beginning of each academic year).

*SGK Main Office Address: Kayseri Sosyal Güvenlik İl Müdürlüğü Fatih Mahallesi İstasyon Caddesi No:44 Kocasinan KAYSERİ
**Prices for January 2019

Some notes about SGK General Health Insurance (GHI):

  • Students who are covered by GHI may apply to state and university hospitals with their Foreign National Number as long as they have paid their premium.
  • No payment is required at state and university hospitals. Therefore, it is recommended that all international students register for GHI.
  • The patient share for medications is 20%. Coverage of expenses for eyeglasses etc. is in accordance with the Directive for Health Applications.
  • Students have to pay a balance if they choose to go to a private hospital. This balance may be different at each hospital. The patient share for medications is 20%.
  • Students holding a Turkish Residency Permit for more than 6 months will automatically be registered at the Turkish Social Security Institution through the centralized system.
  • The insurance will be valid until the end of the academic year. Students usually receive an SGK number upon the registration at the health authority. If your country has Bilateral Social Security Agreements that means your insurance in your country is also valid in Turkey.


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